Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain, Rain Come Again!

We had what my daddy would call a frog-strangler today......I have no idea what that phrase means, but have come to associate it with this pouring rain and killer thunder and lightning. Just the kind of thing I like to watch from the cover of darkness.

Squib wants nothing to do with it. You can point at the sky and say "it looks like rain" and he'll scream "no!" and start running for the next building. He'll strand himself in the office refusing to go out because of the potential for rain in the clouds above him.

Why is he so freaky? (I am asking you, dear blog reader, not making rhetoric)
What could be going through his mind? Did someone tell him something scary about thunderstorms? No. I would only have told him how awesome I think they are. Mommy loves storms. We've played in the rain before and sat on the porch and watched the rain together.

Where's the problem?

And how do you cure a rain-o-phobic?

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