Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grrr....Seismic v. Sinusitus

Good grief! Can my head put on one heck of a horror show! Last night was a real doozy. I made it until 12:30 until I woke with the pounding...pounding...pounding blowing my lid off. I was in a comfy bed...the one in the office, so I wasn't in the mood to relinquish my nest, but it got so bad and soon I felt I was hanging upside down what with all the pounding and fluids rushing toward my head (I would say blood, but quite frankly, well, it wasn't primordial ooze).

In any case, I took something for my aching skull and drug my down comforter in to the recliner and spent the remainder of the night there. And on into the morning.

Finished up marking the seismic that we were looking at. Gave it a good once-over. Then, exported all the data for mapping. Came back in to the recliner in question and inhabited it once again.

The thing I hate most about taking these insane ASCII files and turning them into maps is that it takes forever and a coon's age to process them!!! Sometimes size isn't everything.

This portion of our "procedure" generally falls under my father's domain. Today (of all days), rather than looking at a single map at a time, he decides to drag all the data through the same steps together. This is unprecedented. So, no maps yet. Just a lot of waiting and maybe (maybe!!!?) we'll have them sometime tomorrow or the next morning.

Breaking news!!!! We have incoming map!!!!! Just as expected. Minor tweaks on one, but, alas, flatter than a flitter (industry term).

So, back to drugs for my headache and another comfy night in the recliner with my down comforter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....................

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