Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Scribbles

This blog is a pile of random drivel.

There. You've been warned. I've been bombarded with so very many things to write about that I couldn't possibly get to them. That many of them have moved me so strongly is amazing because I've felt like a flat tire lately. There are things, though, that can fuel your ire no matter what your interest or energy level happens to be.

At last writing, I had a new dog. He was very handsome....nicely trimmed little pup with a ripping sense of humor, but a bad sense of timing. Well, I have it on good authority that he is now a chicken. When last we spoke, all I got was a "Bock, bock, chiiiiii--cken!" several times over. Actually it was more like, "Bot, bot, chichin!" So you have to figure out if he means the bird or the kitchen. Seems Squib is having a livestock identity crisis. Apparently Ex Mr. Scat is NOT impressed by the appearance of SqB the chicken as the appearance of said chicken struck mid-repast at a local restaurant whereupon the chicken began "bocking" loudly while standing in his side of the booth until he soiled his diapers which he then announced at the top of his lungs to the awaiting crowd. That is definitely MY son. I say that only because that's something Attrition would have done as a child. You know uncle-nephew similarities.

As of this moment, I am on day two of a self-imposed semi-vacation. Self imposed is self explanatory. But this is not a true vacation. All I did was refuse T Corp. work yesterday and today. That's right! I did NO "work" on Saturday or Sunday!!! But I am exhausted!!!!

Yesterday, Beanstalk and I went to our standard playgroup. No one there is quite into his flavor of music yet. Maybe never. Andre Rieu and Solti directing Beethoven with Perihana on piano. This is just as Greek to me sometimes as it is to everyone else...except Beanstalk. He's WAY into it. He did get distracted by a little karaoke High School Musical action going on amongst some of the girls and let me tell you...the kid may not be able to form all his words correctly, but he can wail! Sort of odd, though, my seven-year-old BOY hooked on High School Musical. Eh, he's hooked on everything musical, so I'm not going to get crazy about it. He's quite the Wii karaoke fan and that was the first karaoke "game" he encountered. Go figure. There were way too many kids there yesterday and we were going stir crazy. Fortunately, we got to spend a good long time outside! Beanstalk heads straight for the trees past the basketball course waving his arms and shrieking. My kind of kid. We dragged branches and sticks about, ran around in circles, chased each other back and forth, forth and back. We had a little first aid experience when he decided to pull out his g-button (just to feel totally free, I think) and I had to replace it but we were right back out in a jiff. And OMG! The weather was beautiful!!!! Why we weren't outside the entire time I don't know.

I managed a nap yesterday because the chicken was deep in a coma when I returned home. Thank God for small favors.

Last night, I was at an initial meeting for a new not-for-profit organization several friends and I are beginning...more about that MUCH later 'cause there's too much to it to go into at this point and it's too soon. Suffice it to say that we're pretty excited about what we're up to.

Attrition was here when I got home last night...that brought on a Doctor Who fest that lasted until, well, I woke at 12:30 am and realized I'd been dozing. An early 6 a.m. wake-up this morning has left me completely drained and we have been busy enough doing this and that to keep me from napping. Several hours of rehearsal drained what energy Booger and I had left. We formatted the file server (OK, that's work, darn!) and did some prep work there. Watched more Doctor Who.....and now...well, I've gotta chat I'd like to have and am trying to think up ways to stay awake for it!!!!

I even ate a pizza!

P.S. Because they SO fuel my ire, those things that inflame my thoughts have conveniently been saved for another time. You're welcome.


  1. Older Doctor Who(s) or the new ones? Both rock in there own way but I think the newer ones had better writing. I was bummed that Christopher Eckilson (sp) stay only one season. He was awesome!

    Don't bother with "Torchwood" though unless you dig a lot of gay sex. :-p

    Oh, and the Lone Star Trail is pretty good but aren't you nearer to the 4-C trail by Palastine?

  2. NEW Doctor Who's...I was disappointed at the loss of Christopher Eckilson, too, David Tennant is a little spastic for me.

    I may be nearer the 4-C trail, but have always liked the Lone Star. I imagine I'll want to get around to both.