Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meet the Scats

This is Squash Blossom as a newborn. He was just shy of four months old when his ticker needed fixing. Two days later, he was the happiest kid on earth. Just like he had been from day one.One thing both my boys have in spades is 100% committment to whatever they are doing. They get excited! In his early days, he and Mystery (my SIL) spent a lot of time together...that pseudo-maniacal face would come over him every time he saw her! I picked the next photo for the half-crazed look.
And then it EX-PLO-DED!!!!!
It describes the air of wildness, creativity, wonder, awe, gung-ho-ness, and excited experimentation that permeates every Scat household and has done so for over a century. We're way past do-it-yourself here. We're into do it yourself in the most unique, but complicated way you can. Why? Because if you possess the knowledge to, oh let's say calculate the equal spacing of each and every christmas light mathematically, then you should do it!!!! Sneezing can be made complicated! I don't necessarily subscribe to the familial theory of complication, but I do adhere to the experimentation part. And wildness, and my two favorites: wonder and awe. Now that crazed look comes over him when he thinks we're gonna eat as a "westauwant?!!" or if we drive by a "scoop!" or a "lofty!" There are other occasions, but those are just a few.

For those of you who don't know or haven't realized by now what Squib went through in his early life, just look at the size of his head v. her finger (below)! That's a skinny, 5'4" woman with thin fingers...and a three-month-old head. He was a tiny little bugger. Maybe 10-11 pounds at three months when he had one whopper of an open-heart surgery. This is post-surgical, 'cause he actually looks plump and meaty to me and noticeably pink instead of and alien-like grey. To Michelle Grenier and David Morales we are indebted for using their God-given talents to save my kiddo's life. And what a life it is, too!!

After an early bath (not the first, I assure you, but early enough in his days) my young Padawan Learner (below) emerged into his Yoda-style bath robe and I am sure he believes this is a once in a life-time experience every time is happens---to this day!. He always emerges with this same shocked disbelief that anyone would ever shower voluntarily! There's more to come, boy!! Squib learned much on the day of this picture....

Below, Beanstalk and Auntie Scat read a book so Beanstalk doesn't feel so alone while his brother is around. She's one awesome, beautiful woman!!! Beanstalk has a short list of favorite people. A VERY short list. I'm on it. His poppa and Oma and Opa are on it. A selected few others are on it and this wonderful friend of mine, S, is on it as well. She has unabashedly spoiled this child (in all the right ways) since his birth. She's a registered massage therapist and has done wonders to relax him when there was nothing else to do. She kept us company on many, many sleepless nights when we were battling Beanstalk's health problems. And most of all, her prayers and her gentle hands have been with us through thick and thin. What I DON'T understand is why Mr. Wonderful is not knocking down her door!!!! It's something she dreams of and let me tell you, guys, S is AWESOME!!!!! You goobers are SO missing out. Thus endeth my rant :).

P.S. World, with the exception of one, of course, you turkeys just lost out. I warned you. Don't ever say any different. I warned you ALL on 8/5/2009. Guess there is one smart man left on the planet.

Beanstalk also likes to take pics from interesting angles. This is one of many!!!!!! We were introducing a new dog to the apartment and Squash Blossom was still and idea in my belly that made me puke and Beanstalk was King of the Pond and here came Ranger...the dog. Ranger was no dummy. He took one look at the room, settled in on my floor cushion (what a dog) and Beanstalk proceeded to ham it up for the camera. Hanging upside down like this is one of many ways he chooses to view the world from his own perspective.

And below, we have Sprite head! You would or would not like to know that of all the 12-paks, Sprite works best as a hat. Yes, this is a theory that has been put to the test. It makes no sense that Sprite surpasses Dr. P, Coke, or Pepsi in the hat contest, but it does. Be careful, though, because this sort of hat will engulf an entire 10 lb infant, so if you must try the hat on one, please be careful and whatever you do, don't say you heard the idea here!

Here are various an sundry odds 'n' ends photos. Good times!
Wiggin' Out at the Scats Old House
Scat, Beanstalk, and Mimi

We love dress up and Mystery (Attrition's wife) found her wigs. Yeah Mystery! Squib was a little Ringo Star for me, but definitely we were rockin!!!

Here's Attrition Filming the 60th wedding Anniversary of Baba and Papa.
One cool day with a ball....more soccer!!!!!!

After a stint in the E.R. Poor baby SqB sacked out the minute I put him in the seat!
For a while, Squib decided it was fashionable to wear t-shirts around the waist. Just like a long skirt.
It was his own little Hawaiian look....or...something. Like most children he could not be persuaded otherwise.
Beanstalk is my own personal shredder. CD's are his faves! One boring morning waiting for school to start, he layed into my CD collection in the backseat before I realized where the silence was coming from.
What my car will look like after the kids are in college!
And, yes, if they want to go to college, I'll probably be living in it, too.

At 4.5 weeks, this "little" girl came to live with us along with her twin bro and older bro. They were 4 and 5 lbs, respectively, but no longer! I was 15 at the time. They've all grown, gotten fabulous jobs, married well.....eveythiing I've wanted for the Scribble family!! But a teeny bit disturbing that the little 4.5 week preemie was there for Alex's birth. Fabulous, but WOW! Mind-blowing!

The t-shirt as skirt concept works only as long as you have another t-shirt to keep your top half warm. I tried to convince him. Tried and lost.
Beanstalk and the ever-present sucker!!!!
Sweet, sweet, sweet green-eyed boy.
And here are both these little monkies today!


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