Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Translation: Itching all over due to something that you have so thoroughly thrashed in that it's coming out your pores.

Obviously the medical definition left something to be desired, so I wrote a first-hand-experience definition. Poison Sumac being the probable culprit, I am now suffering first-hand from the plague.

Not bubonic or anything, but I'm wondering whether itching to death is worse?

If you read Totally Itchified, then you know all about this junk I STILL HAVE. And you'll apppreciate the fact that I STILL DON'T HAVE my armoire!

And today, I cancelled plans and shuffled kids off to their dads' 'cause I'm not supposed to touch them. "No, really, they can stay with you!" said the doc who obviously did NONE of the childrearing in the house. "Just don't touch their skin directly, bathe them, change them, or use your hands when preparing their food." I went ahead and let my eyes bug out and shook my head.

Squib said, "Just throw me in the trash mom." right at that second and then everyone in the room had an excellent concept of just exactly how things proceed at my house. There was no laughter even when I put my face in my hands and made mental note to do exactly as Squib had suggested.

The remaining instructions were just as ludacrous and included not sweating or going out in the heat/sun, no warm showers/baths......unbelievable!!!! Follow that up with a shot, pills, and MORE cream....

To heck with that armoire.

Function Over Form,

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