Friday, April 26, 2013

I'll Say It Again...

I just don't get it. Or maybe I've got it and I need to pass it around.

I live in Radiator Springs. We've discussed this. It's not the poorest town/county in Texas. I checked. Still. The line for free fresh produce at Care Share is seriously long. I wait in that line. It's no big deal we just do everything we can to live, basically.

One of those things I've been doing is substituting in the local school district. The technology, the verbiage, and the attitude have changed. However, most things have not. Kids don't like to work. The do like to complain. They don't like to read (Mostly...there are a fair few, though. I weep, I tell you. I weep.). They like sports. They love games. They love music. And on those last points I agree. I especially love music. They've played me music I still have in my iPod and music I won't allow past the bounds of our property. Yes, I will too know when it happens. The iTunes password will be pried from my cold, dead fingers. If you possess a device in my house, then I have the right to listen to your music and check your pictures know. "Stuff." That's how one student put it and I'll drop it right there.

Off topic as usual. Topics are for English majors.

**door slams**

I had been noticing the headphones all the kids are walking around wearing. They have little "b" logo's on the ears and thick, audiophile cords (something about the thickness of cord/cable implies robustness to...ppl...somewhere). So I asked to try them and plugged into my iPhone and picked something from the Black Eyed Peas and then Deadmau5. I wanted to really tickle the insides of my eardrums. Not the surface exposed to the elements. I want good, solid acoustic impact here. I'm certain there is something on the market just as good, but I darn near stuffed the kid in my desk drawer and walked away with his "beatsbydre" headphones. I've been searching for certain wavelengths in headphones and I found them. Oh my goodness yes.

I drove home thinking I wanted to get my hands on a pair of those. I sat in my tub listening to my VM PC speakers (they're not "by" anyone so no need to run off and Google) and thinking how much so so so so much better those headphones were than, well, anything I had. But just like every other night I had enough energy to feed a bunch of chickens, fix an iPod or two, and collapse. So I did.

I saw some other girls in the library today wearing a decidedly tricked out pair (This is my lingo. Love me or leave me.) and asked her about hers. It went like this:

The Scat: So you have those beats by dre headphones, too.

Girl: Yes ma'am.

The Scat: I tried a pair yesterday. They sound wonderful! About how much are they?

Girl: Depends. These were about three.


Holy cats! I had to Google them just to prove that it was actually three hundred dollars of headphones I had my hands on yesterday. It was! I should really take my own advice and stuff kids in desk drawers more often. I can't even sell a car to buy those crazy things. I had to breathe for a second when I looked at them on the head of a teenager writhing through the halls. Don't they keep that shizmet locked up? And before you slap me with the hypocrite did not buy my much-touted iDevices for retail prices. I have friends who sell them to me for $50 when they upgrade or stuff like that. Good, good friends. Pretty sure headphones don't fall in this category.

The thing I've got is this...why, oh why, are kids walking around using headphones and devices that cost more than my car when some of them don't eat over the weekend?

**mind blown**

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