Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walking on Walls

So, we are going to stick with the bad medicine because we must. I say we in the royal sense because I never really know when the ride is going to start and someone has to come to my aide. I can walk all the way into the Big Red House and talk to Baba and Buddy, but out of nowhere the platform starts spinning.

The most disturbing thing about this is that Mimi's advice about trying to walk on the wall is actually not far off. So...I'm wondering just exactly how long she has been doing that. I use a combination of wall-walking and just walking like I know where I'm going and usually what happens is I end up sitting down wherever I find myself at the moment things start spinning.

The first thing I'm going to do when I am done with these antibiotics is vacuum underneath my bed. It's had sweater boxes under it. That's how it escaped the last purging. Seriously, though, it's terrible under there. The spiders must think it's Cabo because they're hanging out all over the place. No fear. None. I just wanta suck them right up my Shop Vac. The little ingrates. Go eat a mosquito already!

(Don't know where that came from. Maybe it's the Katy Perry I'm being force fed by my youngest son (don't ask).)

The second thing I'm going to do is send out a big thank you to whoever makes Zutripro cough syrup. Followed by the third thing I'm going to do which is ask them, "What the heck, already??" Yes, it works beautifully as an expectorant/decongestant. However, the semi-synthetic opiod you got in there makes me feel like I'm sleeping under the mattress. Whoo! This is not your mother's cough syrup. What am I saying, it ain't mine, either!! Don't breathe...or...stay moderately awake (subjective) while coughing and day-dreaming of unicorns. Right now I've stored up a legion of unicorns in my imagination.

The fourth thing I'm going to do is smack my doc right on the lips. Which will be weird, but we'll be alright after it's over. There are times when all the "slime," as *some people* call my oil collection, is just not working. Either that or they're not working as fast as the bug. I see a local doc for general things and near death lung issues. She is on the ball and when she didn't "like the way (she) couldn't hear air moving in (my) lungs" she swung into action pretty quickly. Granted, I am antibiotic number three. Which is no party. It's designed to wipe things out. Even MRSA in some cases. So the woman is tired of this. As am I. She always, always, always does the diagnostic tests to prove her hunches are right (and they always are). But Scriddlybump, TX has one of the best diagnosticians I've ever come across. Scratch that. She's the second best diagnostician I've come across. Ever. She wanted to bet me that--since I tested positive for strep--that this is streptococcal pneumonia--I told her I like to keep my lunch money, TYVM.

The fifth thing I'm going to do is go hiking. I was so bummed that I missed the Saturday hike this last weekend. And Buddy didn't take pics, so obviously I must go to record the events for posterity!

The sixth thing is a little reminiscence. Two pics of Beanstalk and Squib. One taken over a year ago and the other taken just last weekend. Oh how the time is flying by.

It seems like an eon ago. But really a year and a half.
Dino's on the loose! They live in those silly things. The best gift I've ever made. And entry on how I did it is coming up!

Boy, doesn't time fly when you're knocked out on cough syrup??

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