Monday, February 4, 2013

Entirely Too Fast

I blinked and it was gone. I swear it was a weekend like all the others. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Then, POOF, like a was gone. Sharing kids can be a roller coaster for a mommy that wants to know ev-er-y-thing about both her kidlets. However...

We had a great weekend!

Squib hopped in the car Friday sporting his new glasses. He loves them and has no qualms whatsoever about wearing them wherever he goes. The glasses are a step toward trying to alleviate his headaches without actually messing directly with his brains. March 11--the big MRI/test day--is coming on quickly, so we are trying to...try things in a scientific manner to see if the headaches are a symptom of something other than those bright spots in his little brains. Squib, upon bursting from the car, greeted everyone in the Big Red House and promptly ensconced himself in my bed with four million and three stuffed animals and immediately started dosing off. And on. And off. And on. So we watched movies (that he slept through). He didn't even want to take a bath, but he did. We got a few things together for Beanstalk day on Saturday and promptly got back in the bed.

Come 6:30 a.m. Saturday, we were fully not-awake, but meeting Beanstalk for a great morning of romping around and pictures of the Dino Hoodie brothers and much, much more. Beanstalk had a rattly cough like mine (hard to tell who gave what to whom at times). So, Beanstalk wasn't really game to go off on the run. Squib was, admittedly a bit crabby, so everyone ended up in a lap somewhere from which we watched Andrea Bocelli and Cars (the genre whiplash really is enough to stun a live human at times) and much cuddling was done. Rather than run circles around me, Beanstalk got on the swings with me twice (very short lived) and watched Squib come down the slide twice (his favorite thing to do). After a few piggy back rides with Buddy, they basically just laid down on our blanket and curled up. Hmm. All in all, though, it was a great time.

As is usual, after great times, we all went home and slept like hibernating bears. Somewhere around 5:00 p.m, I know not why (mostly because he feels he's the established time keeper), Buddy banged the door down and woke us all up. A small lump next to me mumbled, "Tooooo bright!!!" rather insistently. I had the same reaction, but glared instead. We were some tired bears, already! Go stomp around in your own house.

"Do you know it's 5:15?"


He never can get past that. I don't know and it's obvious that I don't mind. It's mind-boggling for Buddy. Besides, the co-bed hermits obviously need the sleep. And sleep they did...

And before we knew it, Sunday was here! We kept the usual Sunday routine. Get up, get dressed, breakfast, and head for the early service. I did set an alarm, but Buddy double-checked as he was certainly in doubt of my ability to use a clock this weekend. But everyone was up in time and ready and got to their appointed places.

It shocked me after lunch when Squib asked, "Are we going to take a short nap?"

I left it up to him and he crawled right in the bed and started sawing logs. I don't know about you, but there's something about having a warm, sleeping kid in your bed. It's like getting hit with a double whammy from the sandman. The bed gravity is enormous! So I conked out, too.

I realize that we spent most of our time asleep, but everyone needed sleep!! I've never seen Squib so dead set on getting in the bed and going to sleep. Ever. And it was GOOD to snuggle up to my little baby boy and zonk out.

It makes a weekend pass so fast, though.

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