Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zits or Spit

I was so happy when I got to be thirty or so and it seemed like the pores on my face were starting to like me. After all, I had to spend fifteen years as a walking facial volcano. My parents would even attack my face on occasion when I was a teen. It was a little (read a lot) humiliating and took quite some time to be ok with.

Fast forward to this last fall when I thought I was becoming diabetic since I...wasn't fifteen anymore or even twenty or thirty...but forty (screeeeech) and was sooooo thirst I was drinking tap water like it was going out of style and started having the worst time singing because my mouth was so dry. Like, Sahara Desert dry even after a liter of water or so. I tried throat sprays, tea with lemon, special lozenges, sorbitol candies (if you had issues with them as a child there is NO need to repeat that disaster, believe me), and a few other things before the rheumatologist gave me Evoxac and said it would solve my little spit issue (which wasn't as little as I thought). "It stimulates glands so you might have some issues with your Crohn's," was all he said about it.

I thought, "Meh. Big deal."

What I should have thought was: "Glands. Salivary glands are glands. Hmmm...sebaceous glands are glands. Oh my goodness!!! This could be very bad! What's worse? Zits or no spit? Srsly?"

But I didn't. So here I am. Clinically, the correct answer there is still "no spit" given the effects of dryness on the mouth, etc etc blah blah blah.

So...glands...just wondering what else they can do to me when hyper.

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