Saturday, November 10, 2012

It's Electrifying!

No. We are not, in fact, staging a revival of Grease.

I am sitting here attempting to choreograph a version of Silent Night for the Hanging of the Green and the upcoming Nativity play as well as ferret out some other musical nonsense. Meanwhile, Buddy is attempting to right all the plumbing necessary to complete phase two of the remodeling of the Mud Hut's bathroom.

The Mud Hut. That's what we've decided to call our little apartment out here. It isn't really little, but who cares, right?

So...I was sitting here working on some PowerPoint junk and thinking choreography when I hear the fatal words.

"Oh, crap."

Then buddy emerges from that unfinished portion of the room we generously call the "shower" with blood dripping down his forehead and asks for a flashlight. I gently remind him that he's slowly been raiding my tool table and that no such device resides there any longer (I take almost all the strength I have and stifle the urge to mention the tape measure, multimeter, screwdrivers, and electrical tape that have also 'vacated the premises'). Then he divulges the fact that he thinks he's drilled through an electrical wire and severed it.


File that under "Things I Am Better Off Not Knowing After-The-Fact."

Generally, it is my job to hover about Buddy's shoulders and contribute to the construction discussion with helpful hints such as, "That looks like romex back in there." or "Hang on while I turn the breaker off to this part of the house." But that generally spoils the overall point of these exercises which is to accidentally die of unnatural causes.

However, this isn't really like when I was being yanked backwards by a tree that definitely did NOT want to fall in the direction it was cut to fall. In that case we made every effort to fell the tree in the direction we wanted it to. It just had other ideas in its head. Diametrically opposed to our thoughts, that sucker yanked me and my truck backwards like a yo-yo on a string instead of an SUV on a cable.

Drilling into a wire, though? You pretty much have to do that as close to on purpose as it gets without actually targeting it.

Squib ran through the Mud Hut last night screaming, "We are all going to dieeee!!!"

Maybe he's onto something.

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