Friday, July 20, 2012

Paleontologist Squib is 7

The Squiblet is now seven years old! Happy Birthday, Squib. You are all I've ever wanted and more in a miniature paleontologist/fake food chef/car aficionado/budding second language speaker. You're also growing faster than I imagined give all that heart defect/surgery nonsense and I'm so glad you're still around else I'd never know how to operate our new Dish Network services.

As usual, he was opening his hoards of gifts--lots of family on his dad's side--and came across one called the T-Rex Takedown. Basically it involves a T-Rex and ramps for hotwheels cars. There's just one thing...

"This is not a T-Rex." Squib picked up the box and examined the dinosaur very closely with the characteristic wrinkle in is brow.

"See here, Mom." He pointed to the arms "Too big in proportion to the body."

He turned it over and over looking at the toes and fingers and peering in the mouth.

"Do you think this claw is more prominent than the others?" He he pointed and asked me. "The body is all wrong for a velociraptor, but they may be trying to do that."

He lapsed into a little babbling at this point. I caught "-saur" here and there as he finished his anatomical inspection.

"This is really just a ramp for cars that has a dinosaur." He finally pronounced with a shrug.

OK. So the dino business is serious around here.

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