Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train has to be one of my favorite kid shows ever. Two reasons, really. Ok, three. First, the kids love it. Second, it's educational and accurately so--and the kids still love it. Third, the good Dr.'s enthusiasm for paleontology has flat out converted Squib to paleontologism (if there is such a thing). And kids need heroes with skin on. He isn't just into dino's like kids his age get. He's committed. He's even asked how long it takes to become a paleontologist. Which gets him way past a parent's first hope of just a four year degree. And he's six.

I've explained the Ph. D. track to him and even gone over the issue of hours in the dirt in places like the Badlands and South America. Graduate work. Theses. Yes plural, possibly. So far, his only response is to request maps. They are over my bed. Writing is of no consequence to him because that's what he's been doing with his iPod since he had access to it. Weird. Definite paleontological makings.

So we blissfully watch Dinosaur Train as the Conductor says, "We're gonna take a trip through the Cretaceous, Triassic, and Jurassic periods!!"

...where every living thing you now see will one day become OIL!!

I can't help it. My mind adds that every stinkin' time.

He's watching baby dinosaurs hatch from eggs and I'm thinking "light sweet crude."

In all fairness to my point, I am sorting through some 2D seismic mere feet from where he's watching right now, so I am a bit distracted by the irony. Eventually, he's going to put all this together.

And it won't be pretty.


  1. Wait, why has no one ever told me of this show?!

    1. I know!! We actually just discovered it a bit ago on Netflix and, in truth, I had no idea there were so many (FREAKING) dinosaur species to be remember by a child and forgotten by an adult in such a short time. They also hit concepts, etc. Squib found it. Blame him. He searches Netflix for all things "dinosaur." All. The. Time.