Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Public Notice!

Dear residents of Green Acres,

This letter serves to notify occupants of the above named property that the influx of socks and underwear from House "A," hereinafter referred to as "The Big Red House," to House "B," hereinafter referred to as "The Office," continues. We realize you believe those are our socks and underwear and as has been argued and discovered and resolved on many occasions prior--they are not.

Additionally, the maid of The Office, otherwise known as Scat, has lost all interest in reminding said occupants of The Big Red House that these are, in fact, your socks and underwear and are, in fact, not hers or anyone else's in The Office yet again. So...

The above being the case and the influx being noticeable, the socks and underwear in question will be accepted into The Office as guests and reside in their own receptacle as of April 4, 2012. After one month, they will be donated to charity--said charity of choice being the Senior Citizen's Center Resale Shop--and collected again until such time as an additional month has passed, etc., etc. time without end.

The first date of donation will be May 2, 2012. Any resident of The Big Red House that suddenly finds they are without proper dress may visit The Office and claim their clothing items for free as they usually arrive clean and we do not, in fact, wear them.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
(I know you read this).

(I also know the SCC does take socks and underwear and respectfully address that issue with: Not my problem).

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