Thursday, October 21, 2010

I’m Just Broken

And broken things just don’t work right. That's pretty much the only conclusion I can reach.

It’s like getting on a bicycle with a broken chain. You just can’t get anywhere. Only I feel like a bicycle that is apparently in great shape…but still isn’t getting anywhere. Everyone swears it’s a great bike. Awesome brand! Great tires! Sweet paint job! Nice seat! Comfortable ride! What a gorgeous bicycle!

“I’ve never ridden a better bicycle,” they say, “I love this bike!”

But when it’s time for the race, no one wants to ride it. And if anyone does, it never seems to go anywhere. So I take it to the shop and get the opinion of a bicycle repair guru.

“There’s not a damn thing wrong with this bicycle,” he says, “I’d give my eye teeth for a bike like this.”

But he doesn’t.

So there it is. Still parked in the garage where it will no doubt be the day it completely rusts and gets swept away.

Some bicycle.


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