Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wire Ties In My Office--Make Me Happy

(A little too much John Denver, sorry).

It happens. John Denver, that is. Like natural disasters and other acts of God. Buddy is a John Denver addict, sorry, fan. I am sorry to say that when given the chance to demonstrate his vocal skills at a karaoke bar in Tokyo, the man chose "Rocky Mountain High" as a representation of our country. 'Nuff said. I think he also did "Hey Jude" as a tribute to my mother. Excrutiating. Not his voice or anything. His voice is lovely. It's just...his selections.

Back to the wire ties.

That office wall I mentioned? It's coming out. This weekend. Along with a portion of the ceiling and a section of the opposite wall. I waited until our builder left to hurl completely. Twice. I came up with a plan in my mind yesterday to move the entire operation (computerwise, that is) into our house. Baba is understandably horrified. She should be. I am. I stood in the office in my mask and very sexy mold remediation outfit clutching my tool bag like a life preserver for a full fifteen minutes before I could move.

"Anything I can do?" Buddy was trying cautiously to be helpful, I think. Bless his big fat socks. And crocs (rhyming...couldn't resist...cackle). Treating me like a ticking time bomb today was prudent, to say the least.

"Wire ties. Lots and lots of wire ties." I said bleary-eyed, "And...uh...yeah. Wire ties. Probably a Sharpie."

(Always, always, always, always ask for Sharpies because you just never know what you'll need them for).

And he got them. Tout de suite. Plus an extension cord since there's an entire wall in our dining room with nary a plug in it (why?) where I was going to have to locate a workstation and a plotter.

1000 wire ties! No, I haven't used them all yet. Yet. But the odds are good that at least half of them will be gone by tomorrow.

I finally got down to replacing labels on some of the ethernet cable, etc. and decided to just screw it and rip the whole thing (network, that is) out and move it in one foul swoop. Which I did. Broke it down, carted it into the house losing one toe in the process, plugged it all back in, and booted it up. For the first time in my entire experience with computers of any sort it worked the first time. Right off. No joke. I almost passed out. I wasn't sure what to do next.

Bathing would have been the best choice. But I had all these wire ties....waaaaah.

So I did some more therapeutic wire tying. Until I could no longer move...or breathe through my mask. Then I gave up for the night and came inside where there is other work to do and...

...where I was told that "we" are gonna have those...items (YES, those items)..."done" after all...could I please call them back and get that rolling? Go ahead, office chick...move it.


P.S. The apparent downside to relocating the network to my erstwhile bedroom is that it now closely resembles the bridge of the starship Enterprise. Complete with drifting-in-space noise.

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