Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NOW I know how to make Red Earth Cake...Yum!

  Buddy's birthday is today! He is a ripe "young" 61. And I did not humiliate him this year by inviting 100 of his nearest and dearest friends to our house as a surprise. You're welcome, dad. Not bad for a dad/grandpa/son/business-owner/gardner/well-digger on-the-go. It is customary in our family for the birthday person to make their request for a meal of their choice and a cake of their choice and I, being the crafty baker and sometimes gourmet cook, will make whatever it is on demand.

  Over the last two years, we have come to know the Gingles family (yes that is their real name) and their family's traditional birthday cake is this wondrous creation called a Red Earth Cake. It is famous. It originated in Cleveland, Texas years ago and was passed on through a church cook book and the family picked it up there and brought it to our community where it has reached fame of untold proportions. So, naturally, last night at ten-thirty Dad decided he wanted a Red Earth cake for his birthday. Who am I to argue with such a tradition?
  Anything, and I do mean anything, with that much sugar, coffee (yes, coffee), cocoa, butter, buttermilk, and shortening just has to be good, right? Oh, yeah. It's like red velvet cake taken to a whole new level. I had no idea it was going to be this good. WOW. Here's the finished product....well, minus a little piece :) OK, minus a BIG piece.

  After a dinner of pan-fried veggies from our garden, this homemade cake really hit the spot with a little Blue Bell natural vanilla bean ice cream.

That is how we do THAT...

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