Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm tired now...

  This morning was Beanstalk's play group. Normally, he's very active and runs about playing ball and dancing and singing. I usually have trouble keeping up with him. This time, though, he was unable to supply the action. The broken femur has seriously slowed him down and on top of being bored, he is about to jump out of his skin. Surrounded by so many kids running about, he was ready to levitate, so what was I to do? Apparently, I was to buckle him into his wheelchair tight and become the movement he so desperately wanted.

  So we ran...

  We chased bubbles and popped them. We ran around the basketball court. We chased a butterfly. We ran with Squib...then we ran after Squib. That turned into some fun! And I pushed that chair the whole way. Squib is faaaaaasssssst. But mommy is faster...ha ha ha haaaaa!

  Mommy is older!!!!! Egads, am I older. Creakier, too.

  Geez...let me posit that if you truly desire to get in shape you should spend your mornings chasing a four-year old while pushing a seven-year-old in a wheelchair. If you truly want to bulk up, though, you'd have to add a little weight to the chair. Beanstalk is nothing but a feather-weight--even with the toe-to-hip cast.

  We had fun, though. And upon arriving back at our humble abode, we all promptly collapsed in a large pile and took a three hour nap like a bunch of dead people. Dead people naps are felt like a whole day had passed. Phew.

One great day...

P.S. The "NOW" theme is the the monthly theme for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)...which is why I'm using it. Do you really think I came up with this on my own?

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