Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi, my name is Scat and I'm a Turf Wars addict...

  I'm *this* far from referring to my family members by their Turf Wars username, too.

  It started like this...Mystery (SIL) started playing back in March. She got Attrition (the brother formerly known as Booger) stuck on it soon thereafter. Two-and-a-half weeks ago in an effort to create another player to add to their mob and their area, Attrition started an account for me on my iPhone. Turf Wars is an iPhone/iPod/iPad game only. And it is **slightly** addictive.

  In a matter of two weeks, I have maxed out my turf and grown my mob to over 1300 players (4,650 August 1st!!). The game involves missions, fights against other mobsters, vendettas, and attempts to capture their turf. Outside the game proper, there are alliances between players in certain areas/states and all sorts of politics worked out on-the-side. And there are also a fair amount of whiners. I mean, really, it's Turf Wars--you're supposed to fight each other. So, why gripe!

  To gain one mob member, you have to type in their invite by now you can imagine that I have typed in over 1300 invite codes. And there are more to come. It is, of course, easier to get ahead if you have $$$ to buy Don points and purchase your way through the game, but to me that is a little bit like cheating. I get my mob fair-and-square and not by purchasing henchmen. And once you have all those mob members, you have to use the income from your turfs to arm them so that you actually win the fights you start.

  I haven't played so hard at a game since I went through all the Zorks many years ago. I haven't found a game so stimulating since, kudos to Turf Wars.

  But my hands are cramping!!!! Code punching is tedious. But, in a

Gotta fly...a war is on.

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