Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two Weeks, Two Laptops

Who knew that lurking beneath the blue screen of death was a white screen of abyssmal apocalyptic ruin? I should, perhaps, have known that death was merely the beginning of the pain and suffering I could experience at the hands of a device so integrated into my everyday existence. When all went white and the poorly-resolved red error message flashed up, though, I laughed! I took a picture! I showed Attrition. He informed me that I had officially stepped off the reservation. I was in territory he'd never plumbed the depths of. On my own. Fabulous. The tech support guys at ASUS are gonna love me. Glad I took that pic. And so much for studying with the thing. Finals schminals. Tomorrow I shall schedule a UPS pickup and consign it to the deep--I mean tech support--who have committed to replacing it given that I have only just moved into it.
Seems like yesterday I was saying something about computers and sledge hammers. Yeah...

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth!

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