Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away...

Fiddling about in his crib...

It just seems like forever ago, but it really was only about eight years or so...that I looked like this and Beanstalk was a wee thing! I found these in my stash of backup CD's as I was looking for old software, etc. this evening and couldn't help but pass on some of Beanstalk's first moments on the scene.
Grabbing a bath after a swim at Grammy's

The kid could SLEEP!

The day we "handled" the bills and filing of overdue paperwork. Beanstalk was enamored with paper...thank God. Crinkly paper sounds were the first things he laughed at.

Gleeful and triumphant after peeing on Gumby's side of the bed. Always on Gumby's side of the bed.

He is coming up on eight years of age now and reaches my shoulder in height. Not my little baby any more.

At least I have the pics!

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