Saturday, March 6, 2010

Boob Job Update One


So, the 83-yr-old has had her first installment of Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, uh, chesticles. So far so good, I think--as though ANYTHING could get in the way of a cosmetic improvement. They are what she wants.

Some of us just want to live 'til Christmas. O-buh-K-bee.

Still no boobsign, though. Surgery 2 of 3 is on March 8 and we'll see what "appears" after that. I wonder what other parts of her body she'll want to do after that? Butt? Underarm? Curved spine??

What can I say? You asked out of concern...this is my feeble attempt to keep you updated. This is officially not my business, but is becoming a great spectator sport.

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