Sunday, February 28, 2010

So Many Things I Don't Understand

What would motivate an 83-yr-old woman to go from size A's to plump, perky, rounded size C's?
I mean, really? Isn't that going to be somewhat of a sharp contrast between the rest of her body? It's kinda old and wrinkly everywhere else. Gray haired. Stooped-over. It isn't exactly a choice that matches the landscape of the rest of her body. I rather like the current landscape. It's grandmothery.

Who the heck cares at that point? I mean, obviously, she does. A lot. After carrying mine around for quite a while now, though, they're mostly a pain-in-the-neck to be quite honest. Literally! Those suckers are heavy. I'd give mine away! 'Course she wouldn't know a thing about that. I guess she also doesn't know that she won't fit in her t-shirts anymore either, huh? Any of her shirts. To say nothing of her bras. Oops.

Life just gets stranger and stranger.

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