Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sex. At Four.

Squib is really an endearing little fellow. I know I write about him the most. I think it's because he is the most like me. I observe his life experience and his reactions to it and think, "Wow, I felt the same way! How can this be?!" His emotions are right there under the skin almost bare to the elements as mine were at his age and he has dealt with so much more than I ever had to deal with by four-and-a-half. My parents remained married, my life felt very secure, I felt as though I had everything I could possibly have wanted, and I didn't struggle with the developmental delays he faces.

He works hard to make sense of his little world. Lately, he has been very curious about who made him. He saw a picture of me pregnant with him and asked what that bump on my body was. I told him he was in my tummy. He asked why and I gave him the four-year-old version. You know, "babies all start out in their mommies' tummies." Apparently he asked his dad how he got into mommy's tummy. His dad admitted to me that he thought about not answering, but eventually told him that mommy and daddy made him and then he grew there.


That stalled him long enough for me to come on the scene, so yesterday my four-year-old son looks at me and point-blank says "How did you and Daddy make me and then how did you get me inside your tummy?" E-gads. My first thought was "thank God Alex is not speaking yet!" My second thought was "where can I hide?"

So I told the truth. "We had sex and you were made already inside my tummy."

I was wishing I had a great story like "We flew to China and bought you through an adoption agency," but alas that was not the truth.

Fortunately "sex" must have sounded like some African torture device (no offense to any Africans, that was a random choice of continent) and he screwed up his eyes and said "OH" like I'd asked him to walk through monkey poop. He DID think about it. His ponderous response was, "Can I have some fruit loops now?"

I abhor fruit loops, but on this one occasion he got as many as he pleased.

Sex. At four. God save the Queen.

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