Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blame It on NaBloPoMo

Now that I have taken up this ridiculous challenge of NaBloPoMo the worst has finally come to past. I must rat myself out. The day is coming down to the wire and there is nothing and cannot be anything else on my mind right now. You see, I made this post just not so long ago. I "withdrew the welcome mat and went to sleep in a tree." And now here I am babbling like a true female of the species because (other than it being Fat Tuesday which needs no explanation) I have once again done something I just never really thought I would do. Yet another in a long line of firsts.

But it seemed like a good idea at the time...ok, so it still sounds good.

I read lots of blogs on a regular basis and the authors all seem like such rational, responsible people not at all prone to the random behavior that I exhibit on occasion. I don't strip and run down the freeway, I'm not carving notches on the bedpost, there's not a tat on my body and the only pierced things are my ears. I don't march around with signs protesting anything, play my loud thumping music in the parking lot (only because I have no radio in my car), or have any other really annoying personal habits.

Well, I do like to hibernate with my iPod and wander about in the forest (sometimes at the same time), but is that so bad?

Soooo...what the heck am I talking about?
Holy cow. You know what, I'm just gonna leave this one alone. 
Being a girl can really be confusing...

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