Sunday, October 25, 2009

The List

This idea is totally stolen from Chris at Notes from the Trenches, but I thought it was a cool idea and a very thought-provoking exercise. Forty things I'd like to accomplish before I turn forty. Two-and-a-half years is sounding like five minutes right now.

My 40 before 40 list:

1. Go on a date with a decent man.
2. Toilet train all my kids (Half way there...8/10/2010. Cha-ching! Done.0).
3. Get another dog. I believe firmly in liberating what I call "pound dogs." Got a chicken, instead. Her name is Houdini McNugget
4. Lose forty pounds for good (15 to go 8/10/2010).
5. Improve my credit score. Hmmmm....
6. Visit/tour Hoover dam with the boys.
7. Get all my teeth fixed for the LAST time. Yeah, bad teeth are in the family.
8. See all my relatives (this is a mammoth undertaking and probably overrated).
9. Hear Alex call me Momma again.
10. Find a way to keep my house clean without the gnashing of teeth.
11. Consistently grow the gardens from season to season.
12. Add herbs/spices to the gardens.
13. Write a book.
14. Ride the Roaring Tornado again.
15. Go to New Braunfels and float like a river rat for days.
16. Own a King-Sized bed and sleep diagonally.
17. Take the boys on their first camp-out (probably on our land).
18. Take the boys on their second camp-out (not on our land).
19. Simplify.
20. Expand my library. (mwahahaha)
21. Start taking pictures again.
22. Hike the Lone Star Trail (yes, all of it, and for no particular reason other than it's there).
23. Revisit Enchanted Rock.
24. Go on a cruise, OK two. One where I am a total lazy bum and another aboard one of the scientific research vessels that cater to us geek-head tourists.
25. Get out of debt. This is gonna be a miracle given the medical expenses of my kids, but a very healthy goal (and it's actually happening! Yay!).
26. Learn how to make soap (I'm leaving this one b/c it's random and weird and even I am wondering WTH I was thinking when I wrote it).
27. Integrate essential oils into my health regimen (mostly done 8/10/2010).
28. Write more consistently.
29. Love without fear. Live without fear (that's really two).
30. Have confidence in myself and my abilities.
31. Learn how to make my own candles (again with the earth momma crafty stuff that I really don't find appealing).
32. Visit Tokyo again...for about two weeks alone. Go again sometime and take my boys with me.
33. Stay in better contact with friends and acquaintances.
34. Relax and enjoy each day without care or worry for tomorrow.
35. Teach something (again).
36. Build something.
37. Review my genealogy with my grandfather so I can continue the work when he is gone.
38. Pay more attention to the world I live in and contribute (I think the clinic idea fits in here).
39. Attend my high school and college reunions (strike one and strike two for the 20 and 15 year marks due to circumstances beyond my control).
40. Ride in a hot air balloon.

Wow, that's a lot! And you?

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