Monday, August 10, 2009

Typical Monday...Still Itchy

First of all, right off the bat, the bionic earphone alarm clock did go off...I think I remember that...and then there was pounding on my door at 9 a.m. Drat!

So, I pack up all my techno-gear and head for the office to finish the never-ending project whose deadline is now no longer looming over us, but chasing after us with large, hairy, razor-sharp claws extended and sharp scissor-like jaws gnashing.

Only I found that said president of said company thought mowing a higher priority. That and cleaning the kiddie pool (my job). Thus endeth the rational part of the day.

Did I mention I'm itchy?

Yeah, well, run around in the heat and sweat your keester off and the itchies come back with a vengeance and they come up in areas that weren't even itchy before. Ever. I didn't know I had those parts and I'm a scientist.

So, now I'm itchiER. So, I jump in the shower with my itchy-wash and have at it......and it works sorta.

THEN I go to the office and fire up the primary workstation....and it won't boot up!! This is becoming a regular occurance. So, off to Attrition's I go and here I am. I want you to know that this stupid, ingrate of a workstation booted straight up in spite of everything, so here I sit now enjoying a movie and biting my toungue because I want to curse this machine to you-know-where.

Instead, 24 hours to R&R I guess... R&R are just NOT in my vocab!!!!!

Broken computers definitely are....


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