Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday...and our anthropomorphic side

Yup, Tuesday...boy did it ever come earlier than my body could stand (4:30 a.m)! I was up until midnight or so babysitting Ren, our newest workstation and trying to get him up and running reliably enough for me to work on him remotely while I stayed in the main house to be with Squash Blossom (human child) today.

I was also up waiting to hear the blow-by-blow of my friend LKB who went to the hospital experiencing horrible chest pains and was experiencing life as the housed one and nervous out of her britches. She's in much better spirits today, though not feeling better and does have some water around her heart. Something to be prayerful about. And something to put you in a rather sobered funk.

Yes, I realize I'm anthropomorphizing my computers! Ren is a young male which we have assembled from parts but that's not unusual. All our little ones are assembled by either Attrition or myself or both. It's cheaper that way and then we have complete control over all the "pieces parts" as my ex calls them.

We have a couple non-gender machines: Raptor (a desktop on it's last leg) and Taplin (a lappie now run with a 22" monitor and remote kbrd/mouse). There are two males: Pokey and RocketDog who are both laptops. Our single female is our botttom-of-the-barrell laptop and she also happens to now be the lone female: Sarah. My first workstation is now a transexual: Stimpy (who was Monica). And YES, I do believe that Stimpy has some "tendencies" that keep us having to request permission for access to "his" printers, plotters and other resources. He likes having a certain amount of control and isn't hip on sharing. Ren (who was Thor) is our second workstation. He is currently being rebrained.

The new file server has yet to be christened and Attrition and I have been thinking long and hard about it's name and can only converge on Beavis. Mostly because we have a small network server who DEFINITELY deserves the name Butthead, but is only generically named at present. Umpteen other devices need names...printers, plotters, scanners, Gig sticks, iGo drives, and Terabyte drives.

It's a problem to refer to something that has no name. And, when you get as many computers as we have you can't call them so-and-so's computer, etc. or it all runs together (cause every so-and-so uses at least three computers) and soon you're fixing things that aren't broken or moving data you shouldn't or, well...much, much worse things. Plus, the computers out number the people--and that has obvious and menacing overtones.

What's really strange is how they seem to react and/or behave according to their name??! Go ahead and call me a strange on this count. When Monica became Stimpy, things got hinky. When they named the second workstation "Thor" it couldn't keep up. Not gonna make much more comment than that. Raptor just isn't one. RocketDog, however, has been a workhorse from day one and has never disappointed me in the least. There's a lot to the name.

And anthropomorphize I will if it helps me keep all the arrays, machines, printers, and storage devices organized in my mind. Otherwise there is no hope for me.

LKB is out of the hospital, SqB is asleep (after much drama all afternoon....MUCH drama...he's gonna get his own blog for that in the a.m).

Wanna make your comp love you for life?
Name him/her!


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