Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Somethings Never Change

Take, for instance, this interminably insufferable pile of rubble we call "data" that I have been working on lately. It came to us pieced together from 3D studies done in the, well, not in this millennium. Then it was processed outside our shop by a third party known only to our client. We're in our fifth iteration of seismic interpretation "methods" and yours truly is getting worn down.

Burnout would be more accurate.

I'm ready to go jump off the pier. Wander into the Sam Houston forest. Put on a pack and start walkin'. Climb a tree and live there.

You get my drift, I think.

I would show you pictures, but they're sort of like Vogon poetry. Anyone who sees them will die on the spot. They're used for torturous killings in other countries. Why I haven't died yet is an excellent question. The fact that I might already be dead and in some sick sort of limbo is terrifying considering what I believe!

So, as always happens, I go off for a day or two to work on other company business and return to find that the second-guessers have erased everything in lieu of, WAIT! In lieu of NOTHING! Not only that, they've erased it all and THEN come to the conclusion that we just need to find ANY interpretation and run with it. Which means, if they hadn't deleted everything---we'd be DONE! Or, more correctly, I would be done.

So...yesterday, Buddy decides he's had an idea. My light bulb's burnt out, so I just stared at him and decided to go with whatever he said. Now, mind you, we've done our calculations. They aren't going to change. They'll be here, but now he's so darned excited that he's made us late for everything, and we keep having to chase him down!!!! Like something's gonna move?

And here I sit. During my "shift" blogging instead of slogging (thank God) and wondering exactly how many times is a charm. We're on our tenth charm or so....and our 6th "do over." By playground rules, we're outta there!!!! We've had this junk AGAIN since, well, February, but for this go-round since June. It is August. Deep August.

Wondering What the Client Will think,

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