Saturday, July 4, 2009


Here we are all on this binary highway clicking and clacking an hopefully not hacking (can't you give it a rest for ONE NIGHT?) demonstrating exactly the reason we celebrate this day not just in this country, but in many countries around the world. Our freedom is not just ours any more. We've passed it around and there are others around the world who are grateful. Thanks to all those who made that possible over the last 233+ years. Two things, though. First: We are not done passing it around! This is our most important job outside our own borders. Let freedom ring for other peoples around the world. Second: We need to watch our step. Our Bill of Rights is a thing to be protected. And, oh yes, I will tarnish this day by saying that I believe it to be in danger sometimes. End of sermon. (for today)

I'm Scat, I'm the 37yr old mother of two living in a crazy little town in Texas just off the beaten path to nowhere. 911 can't even find our house...we'll, they couldn't, but now apparently we have our own post-it note up at dispatch. My oldest son is Beanstalk. He's very appropriately named. Though he is only six I suspect he will be my height within a year. I know he's already as smart or smarter than me...perhaps I can dress him as me and send him to work and I shall go to second grade :) but I think the boobs would give me away. Humph. My youngest is Squash Blossom (or SqB..pronounced squib). We're the Scats while we're blogging. If you know what scat is, then you will understand why my 3 yr old son thinks the name is so very fetching. Scat is his favorite word and when I asked him what my name should be, "Scat" was his unequivocal first choice.

I do live a rather interesting life here with my family...and by family I mean FAMILY!!!! Me, the boys, my parents, and my father's parents all live in this little white house together, eat together, work together, but thank God (and I do) we do NOT have to all sleep together. SqB and I do, so nights are interesting. We have a schedule, everyone has their areas (physically and job-wise), and once you figure out that you're really only having a private conversation if you're anonymously blogging to the free world, well then you're OK with it. I just try to comfort myself with that erroneous idea that all the new ideas have already been thought of. So what's the big deal if no one hears mine? Yeah, whatever.

Tomorrow is an early day for me, so I must cut this short, but I will bait you with this....oh yes, Scat meets Internet Stalker Man. Not exactly what I would like to have as a first topic, but I have been having TOO much fun to keep it to myself. Tales of mommy's dark side tomorrow and an intro to my beloved brother who I will affectionately refer to as Booger--only now I call him attrition.

Gnite All!

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