Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, I am still here. I’m desperately in need of a good write and I think I have one in me tonight. Words seem so simple to use, but I think they are far more abused than, in fact, used. The word for today is deadline.

Yes, I have a deadline at work that is eating my lunch (and my dinner). Tension is high. Nerves are exposed and easily gotten upon. Deadline number one is Friday with a couple of potential investors. And the second deadline is Tuesday with a disgruntled client.

I looked up the definition of deadline and probably should not ever have done that. It dates back to the American Civil War era when a line would be drawn in the dirt past which prisoners would be shot on sight should they choose to cross it. It is, apparently, common in POW camp lingo as the real deal…a line past which prisoners may expect death.

This was obviously not the right word to research while trying to reach my own personal deadline. Other info points to the word having a number of figurative senses from “muffled” to “absolutely.”

Levertheness, I have a deadline and at my current rate will be done on July 23rd…two days late.
Why am I blogging, you ask? Well, for starters, it keeps me sane. And second, the most important reason is that it gives me a creative outlet as opposed to my daily mathematical modeling work. Wouldn’t want my right brain to atrophy any further than it already has.

All around me here, life has been going on relatively normally. The grass now looks like dried straw (bring on the cows!) due to the drought. Temps haven’t gotten below 98 F for the longest time. My friend says this means El Nino’s going to dump water on us all during the fall season. Of course, we don’t really have fall. We have Houston heat (summer), more Houston heat (though a little less humidity) which I refer to as fall, one month of winter (which amounts to fall in most other places), and spring—which is much like our fall.
Beanstalk has been going to two day schools this summer and loving it. He has a shadow that follows along with him and he is superb. Thank you, Matt! He’s eating most of his calories by mouth with a bolus of formula plus Calcium-rich powdered milk in the a.m. So, he’s bulking up!! Yay! Maybe I’ll have to change his name, soon? Anyway, he’s having a great summer.

Squib is with his Daddy for the week so that momma can work, work, work!!! Gotta make the donuts J.

Fortunately I like my job and the people I work with….

….I just can’t imagine working like this for anyone else.

I would if I had to, but I am fortunate and grateful that at this time I do not.

Enough for now!!!! Much more to come!

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